About Spark Web Design


Spark Web Design is David Elliott.  I develop web applications, make websites, and design.  Since the late nineties, I've designed hundreds of websites from scratch in many different languages, styles and environments.  I'm always trying to create something that I've never seen before with every project I start.  For more information about the type of work I do, check out the skills page.


The majority of my customers are small business owners that want to get their name out to the public.  The most common request is website design, but I've also provided services such as branding, business cards, logo design and graphics.  If you're interested in having work done, more information is available on the pricing page.  If you have a project that you're not quite sure about the price, you can request a detailed quote on the contact page.


Most of my work is through freelance development for other companies.  I'm available to work as a sub contractor for large corporations and businesses per project or by an hourly rate.  I've worked with various companies locally and remotely to assist in developing large projects and/or to create projects from the ground up.  I'm always interested in taking on new projects, regardless of the work load.  If you need a hand getting work done, feel free to contact me anytime.

David Elliott